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Early Luftwaffe paint set


  • Artnr: HTK-CS02
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes from 1937 till 1941

The famous „two-green” splinter camouflage (70+71/65) was used on majority of Luftwaffe aircraft from early 1937 till November/ December 1939, when Luftwaffe day fighters switched to more offensive scheme of 02+71/65. The latter was again modified around May 1940 to include soft mottling of RLM 02 (or 71) on fuselage sides, engines and tail.
Early camouflage of 70+71/65 remained in use on transport aircraft, bombers and ground attack planes till mid-1944.

Contains the following colours (lacquer based paints, optimised for use with airbrush):

  • HTK-C015 — Black-Green (RLM70) — Used for upper surfaces in „two-green” (70+71/65) splinter scheme. Also a standard colour of propeller blades
  • HTK-C017 — Dark Green (RLM71) — Used for upper surfaces in „two-green” splinter scheme and on day fighters during the Battle of Britain
  • HTK-C023 — Grey (RLM02) — Used for upper surfaces of day fighters during the Battle of Britain, also for mottling / spray over camouflage
  • HTK-C029 — Light Blue (RLM65) — Standard colour of lower surfaces in early WW2 period. From late 1939 raised to fuselage sides of day fighters